Sarah Glynn recommends Danson Doggy Digs.COM. – 5 star
October 13, 2019
I always leave my dog, Jackie Chan, (now nearly 11 years old) with Tony since meeting him in Danson Park 4 years ago. Jackie Chan loves being there, playing with Max and all of the others. Tony is always 100% devoted to all of the dogs and I’m sure Chan thinks of him as his second dad. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony to anybody.

Ian Partington reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
June 5, 2018 ·
I met Tony in the park surrounded by dogs all shapes and sizes about 2 years ago. He is great with the dogs and ours is always happy to see him and stay with Tony for holidays. Our dog always comes back tired but happy. I have no problem recommending him to ours

Leo Kemp reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
2 June 2018 ·
Tony is wonderful with the dogs, I wholeheartedly recommend his service ! 5 stars �

Katie Miles reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
June 2, 2018 ·
We left our beloved Indie with Tony for 5 nights and we couldn’t be happier with the care she received. Tony’s house is full of happy, waggy-tailed dogs. We wouldn’t hesitate to leave her at Danson Doggy Digs next time we go away �

Caroline Manning reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
28 August 2017 ·
I first saw Tony in Danson Park about 3 years ago, with a few dogs. He had such a great rapport with them, I approached him to ask if they belonged to him. Tony told me that he looked after dogs so when I next went on holiday, I didn’t hesitate in taking my dog to Tony and have done ever since. When we pull up outside Tony’s house, Bartley starts howling and can’t wait to see Tony and Max. I look at it as my dog having a holiday at the same time as us. I couldn’t bear to put Bartley in kennels. I know he is being well looked after by Tony

Colin Davis reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
27 August 2017 ·
Many thanks to Tony @ dansondoggydigs for looking after our girls so well while we were on holiday. I’m sure they will be happy to go there when we next go aw

Bryan Chakowa reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
21 July 2017 ·
Been using Tony for the past 2 years very accommodating guy my oscar and buddy love him to bits they always have a wonderful time there

Sandra McDermott Neylon reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
20 July 2017 ·
We have had our little Poppie with Tony for a couple of years now and she just loves him. So nice knowing when we go away that Poppie is happy and well loved. She get so excited to see him. 100% recommend Tony @ Danson Doggie Digs

Ann McCawley reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
July 19, 2017 ·
My two previous Pugs have had their first visit to Tony for a long weekend. They have come back two happy girls and are looking forward to their next visit. Tony hugged and fussed the Pugs as soon as they arrived and they settled quickly and were able to have their usual walk in Danson Park. Tony runs the whole house around the dogs he cares for and spends lots of time getting to know, walking and talking the dogs he is looking after.

Derrick Dowling reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
19 August 2017 ·
Glad we had Tony looking after my dog Charlie for a week whilst we were away. He had a fantastic time. Always know he’s there is needed going forward. 5 Stars �������

Katie Connell reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
20 July 2017

Nicole Strudley reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
18 July 2017 ·
My dog always comes back knackered after having a fantastic time with Tony and his canine friends. He provides a great and flexible service. Recommended

Gill Evans reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
July 18, 2017 ·
My two pugs Milo-Dave and Charlie pug love staying at Danson Doggy digs. It is so lovely to be able to go away on holiday knowing that they are thoroughly well looked after and spoilt home from home by Tony . So much so that when we regularly see him at the park they would prefer to go home with him i think !! Thank you Tony

Mellie N Maff Chambers reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
18 July 2017 ·
Very diligent, friendly dog walker. Been walking our since she was a pup and she enjoys it throughly. �

Elliot Lund reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
18 July 2017 ·
Our dog loves danson doggy digs more than he loves us. Tony is always happy to help even at short notice and I can’t recommend him enough.

Becca Chown reviewed Danson Doggy Digs.COM5 star
18 July 2017 ·
Our dogs absolutely love Tony! They are always happy to stay with him while we are away. He is really flexible and accommodating and I’d recommend him wholeheartedly.

Katie Connell I haven been using Tony (Danson Doggy Digs.COM for 3 years now, I can’t recommend him highly enough. he walks my dog at very short notice and is always on hand to help me out when needed. He looks after my dog on our 2 week vacation and my dog literally runs in! it’s such a lovely thought that he is happy whilst we are away.